Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to read World Streets . . . until we are ready for 2010

During the weeks directly ahead we have to concentrate our limited resources on the search for financial and other support so that World Streets can continue publication in 2010. Thus, during this period we shall not be maintaining our usual 5/7 publication schedule. For that reason you will over the coming weeks find in this top section only those postings and articles that relate to laying the groundwork for 2010 and the funding search. We are sure you understand. But wait a minute, that's not all.

The problem with stopping publication brutally like that is that behind World Streets there is a collaborative process and we cannot simply turn our back on it because we have run out of money. We have a certain number of obligations to our colleagues and collaborators who have taken the time to get involved, and thus are sending to us a continuing flow of materials, ideas and even full articles almost entirely ready to go on line.

So we shall during this painful interim try to keep up our end of what is after all a long term deal (some of these fine hard-working people have been exchanging information, asking questions, and other wise working with us on the New Mobility Agenda for more than two decades). This is how it works.

Without by any means trying to maintain the usual daily rhythm, we shall be taking the time to review, edit and otherwise prepared a certain number of postings as they come in. And just so that you, the reader, are aware that we are doing all this under real constraints, we will be planning these articles under the 2000 section of our archives (think of it as sort of a reverse time capsule that we can shortly open, together). This means that our dear readers are going to have to hunt around a bit for the time being, but in fact all it means is a few clicks on the left menu and there you are with the full piece before you.

* New articles in this interim period will be filed and available under 2000 in archives to your left.

However we very much hope as you read that you will bear in mind that we need your collaboration and that you can in fact help keep this going in 2010. How? Well, simply click here and you will see the details spelled out.

Happy reading and don't forget to lend a hand so that we can get back into high gear. This is sharing. A new, old, way of doing things. You will like it.

Eric Britton
Editor, fund raiser, and last ditch bill payer

* Click here to lend a hand.

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