Monday, February 17, 2014

Inside world: just sharing future

sharing loved cars
jargon comodality
just sharing future

haiku bird Matsuo Basho's Frog Haiku

This by Friso Metz from the Netherlands.

The second annual Haiku Sustainability Slam is being organized by World Streets and its friends as an ecumenical pagan celebration to the coming Rite of Spring, in part inspired by the exhilarating French annual speak-out program The Springtime of Poets (Le printemps des poètes) which opens this year on the 23rd of March.

This year's theme:

Sustainability is not a four letter word (but maybe it should be)

For a few words of background to set the stage for what we hope will be your own valiant poeticizing efforts click to  Inside world:   2014 Haiku Sustainability Slam

Here are a few of last year's efforts to warm up your motor:
when trying to write haikus on mobility you have to stand still

evening comes the candle still burns bright can you feel the fluttering breeze

on my bicycle just wove through that ten-inch space left you in the dust

on bus dog at my knee waiting for sweet voice to tell when we arrive

# # # Now, click Comment here when you have competed your poem and let us hear from you.
whatever we do surely the planet will survive doubts about mankind

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