Monday, August 19, 2013

Interests traditionally favoring Old Mobility

MM- interests traditionally favoring Old Mobility
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Paranoia is not a particularly desirable trait to lean on if the goal is to create a more beautiful and just  city. It does not help to see enemies everywhere (which often is the case, unfortunately, with some of our more unbending friends and champions for change).

But it also makes sense to know what is going on, and in this case to be able to identify, in a first instance in a harmless generic manner, the various interests and trends in and about any city on the planet when it comes to significant reforms in the transport and related systems of a given city.

Here you have one short list which spells out the lobbies and interests ,  attributes and attitudes which generally favor the continuing of the 20th century "old mobility" patters of policy and practices that so dominated the past.

We share these with you for comment and your suggestions and eventual references that should  be considered in this case.

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