Thursday, July 11, 2013

Announcing the un/OCCUPIED Movement at World Streets

guerrilla-gardner-unoccupiedCities live and flourish when they find their own way to combine density, mixed use, access, active citizenry and quality of life.  And thus every square meter that today is not being used in the public interest is a waste, a failure of imagination and citizen engagement. Happily this idea of reclaiming the unoccupied, the abandoned, or the hijacked  spaces of the city for the community as a whole is a movement that is now in full flower, and we intend to report on it in World Streets.  We are calling this: The un/OCCUPIED movement.

FB unOC cover 2Our first small first step to support  this idea in the in-process Facebook site that went on line this morning at  Have a look. Help us to turn this into a useful tool.

We can also point you to the Urban Bricolage Tumblr page at  A great way to get your feet wet if you wish to get further into this exciting (and at times very delicate and difficult) topic.

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Slogan 1: More important than it may look

Slogan 2: And Not as easy as it looks.

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