Monday, July 4, 2011

Cities for Mobility World Congress 3-6 July 2011. "Urban Mobility and the Social Space Challenge"

For those of you  interested in the topics under discussion in this year's  Fifth Annual  Cities for Mobility Congress  that just concluded in  Stuttgart, World Streets is pleased to offer a selection of the working papers and discussions which we think will be of most interest to our readers. The theme this year was "urban mobility and social space", an angle, a way of viewing  the sector which we believe opens up some interesting new ideas for public policy and private practice that merit careful consideration.

The following will take you to the PowerPoint support for the first presentation opening the Congress.  Selected other presentations will appear here in the days immediately ahead, and in all cases we invite your questions and comments.  (For background  information on the Congress click to

* Click here for opening presentation.

* And here for initial working draft Skype  presentation.

* PS. And if you would like me to record my presentation on YouTube, please let me know here and I can try to get to it.

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