Friday, February 4, 2011

Putting Social Media to work on World Streets (Part I)

Question: Is there some way (or good reason) to integrate, link, make talk to each other usefully, whatever, the various social media to which we are trying to hook World Streets in some way. We at present have created two-way links (of sorts) between World Streets, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We are seeing some utility in the individual hookups (but not all that much thus far), however I am baffled when it comes to figuring out how to orchestrate them in some useful way. Are we wasting our time or is there a creative fit? And what might that be? Kind thanks for your thoughts and leads on this puzzling problem/opportunity.

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Exhibit A:

Here are some cogent remarks on this just in from old friends Roy Russell, founding Chief Technology Officer of Zipcar

Sent: Saturday, 05 February, 2011 18:56


I'm not sure how to best accomplish what you want.  I suspect that is the first thing to do when thinking about using the various social media tools out there.  What are you trying to accomplish?

Facebook: I don't find this site very useful, except for reconnecting a bit with old friends.  And for me, not close friends, more like people I know pretty well or well enough.  I am amused that some of my closest friends are not also Facebook friends.

Yahoo groups: Handy for managing a mailing list (for you, presumably), beyond that I never look at it.

LinkedIn: I have found this site professionally useful a few times, mostly looking for people I know, or might have a connection with at a particular company.  I don't find all their attempts to move into social networking space very interesting or useful.

Twitter: I think this one might be the most useful for you.  A carefully managed regular stream of tweets, some of which would link back to your blog entries, but some of which would also be re-tweeting stuff that you are gathering and re-broadcasting to your followers might enhance your reputation as a reliable source of interesting information.  The epitome of this is @timoreilly, founder of O'Reilly media, who manages to maintain a constant stream of interesting and new information, occasionally self-promoting, usually not.  close to 1.5 million followers on twitter which gives him a pretty loud voice.


Exhibit B:

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