Friday, January 14, 2011

Reposting exceptional contributions to World Streets

World Streets has from the beginning been defined and run as an open collaborative venture. In addition to its considerable original content, the journal welcomes suggestions  concerning outstanding recent articles and reports appearing in other sources, which in their view our readers would do well to know more about.  After internal review  and selection, we occasionally get in touch with the author or publisher of the selected piece and ask for permission to reprint. All such articles follow the same routines for preparation and publication:

If the original piece runs more than 3000 or so words, we ask the assigned editor to try to knock down the original contents to something less and still have something that makes a good and useful read. In all cases we send the reduced version to the author for final approval.

Each reposted article opens with a short introduction by the editor in charge, in which we attempt in less than 150 words or so to put the original piece into our context.

We also ask for the URL for the original so that our readers can see it in full and in your context.

Beyond that we request that the authors send us a small head shot and a short bio note (less than 100 words) which we place at the end of the published text.

The driving concept behind this is our commitment here at World Streets to do our part to ensure that the exceptional insights, the less conventional pattern break concepts, the innovative and challenging ideas that can help us all turn sustainable transport from theory to practice in cities and communities across the planet get broadest possible circulation. and comment.  Quite modestly we see ourselves as but one link in a much broader and necessary chain of information and consensus building.

The following map is intended to give you an idea of the breadth of our readership in the opening days of 2011. (And yes, we find those great white swaths especially in China, Africa and the former Soviet Union and much of Latin America disturbing omissions, and yes we are working on it.)

If you have any questions about this (or suggestions as to how we can handle this better), please get in touch.

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