Monday, September 27, 2010

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Welcome to the new home of World Streets, the planet’s only sustainable transport daily newspaper. You will come in to our second operating platform for the journal, after a year and a half working with Blogger at blogger gave us a great starting point, but as we moved ahead we found that it does not have the tight organization and flexibility that is required when we find ourselves trying not only to post interesting articles and useful information day after day, but also to provide a deep resource with considerable content . . . and some handy ways of finding it when you need it. So we shopped around and eventually came up with this WordPress frame which does a much better job, given our particular requirements.

With that in view, we would suggest that on your first visit you spend a bit of time working your way across this little top menu, which hopefully explains itself. We also would respectfully propose that you have a good look at the content and links which are organized in the right-most column here. Each of these small devices is intended to help you dig deeply and efficiently into the close to one thousand references and messages that have been logged here since W/S started publication in early 2009. It would be a great pity were this intellectual patrimony to disappear into the ethers.

Please note:
This site has two sets of functions. The first is as a daily and weekly journal reporting critically on leading (and lagging) projects and events world-wide. This basically takes up the top half of the site, and includes some handy tools for researching and identifying past articles, signing in to receive handy daily or weekly notifications on articles, monthly archives, .

The lower part of the site provides a series of carefully selected key links and sources (left column, in all close to two hundred, yet to be completed), and a Combined Search Engine (Knoogle) which points to all of them for handy one click screening and reference. The second column provides the reader with a handy place to scan the latest messages and exchanges of a dozen of our New Mobility discussion fora.


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