Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Honk! TransAlt Tasked with Renaming American Autos

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April 1, 2009

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WASHINGTON - In a move that stunned industry insiders, President Obama announced that the New York City-based nonprofit Transportation Alternatives would be responsible for renaming hundreds of American-made automobiles. The decision, a last-minute addition to his auto-Industry bailout package, is considered a precursor to the President's larger 'Truth in Advertising' agenda.

"I'm sick of all their lies," said President Obama, when asked why he ripped off the Suburban name-plate on his Presidential vehicle and replaced it with a bumper sticker reading "Jerk Mobile."

The President has disliked corporate doublespeak for many years. It now appears that he has set his reformer-sites squarely on an industry renowned for misrepresenting its product through ads and branding.

"This guy is awesome," said Transportation Alternatives executive director Paul Steely White, as he and President Obama unveiled the Cadillac Bailout XXXL (Obesity Edition).

Other names introduced in this first-round of rebrands include the Chevrolet Impaler, the Dodge Stratospheric Ozone Depleter, the Ford Impotenza, the Jeep Mangler, the Chevrolet Asthma, the GMC (Saudi) Envoy and the Pontiac Pen15.


[Editor's note: I am sure that the TransAlt rename team will appreciate international help for their gigantic task. Send your nominations right here to their fearless leader Mr. Steely White who awaits them with real interst. And you tell tell him that we sent you.]

Source: Image courtesy of New York Observer article.

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